The Rhema Productions TV Top Achievers award is an annual event which is held to commemorate the anniversary of our media outlet. The first of which is coming up next month. In this regards , the management deems it fit to reward our esteemed readers , clients and media partners who have all played very crucial roles in our journey thus far even while recording tremendous success as a brand and as a medium for news exchange.

Since the commencement of operations of our news blogging platform RPTVBLOG"S (an offshoot of RHEMA PRODUCTIONS TV ) , we have witnessed steady , geometric and meteoritic rise in our standards , operations , reach , exposure and cross platform accessibility , The statistics speaks for itself , we are now recording an average of 570 readers per day , we have recorded about 70,000 posts views for the past 10 months from our readers , readers who are pulled from various parts of the globe and in effect due to our reach , we have accrued a host of very business savvy and intuitive clients who have taken leverage of our potential to advertise their brand and business on our platform.

It is pertinent to add that the quality of your products and services being advertised on our medium is unrivaled to the extent that google adsense has chosen to also partner with us to that effect.

That being said , we couldn't , can't and won't be able to achieve such amazing success without your loyalty , hence you must understand and realize that we aren't celebrating Rhema Productions TV and RPTVBLOGS , We are in effect celebrating you , you are a beneficiary of this award by virtue of your achievements through hard work, creativity, consistency, innovative drive and thinking outside the box , this award is a token of our appreciation , and we promise that we will do more , we will get better and we will be better , THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU , THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING RHEMA PRODUCTIONS TV / RPTVBLOGS.

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